Owner of The Wooden Floorboard


Born a gnome in Overspark, Golder always felt more at home in the mountains.
He would often, run far away from the teachings of his instructors at famed technological schools, just to study rocks and there shapes and textures. When his family began to notice the “particular” places and things Golder would bring to the home, they also noticed a desire in the young gnome to be with the few dwarven pupils at the schools they would send him to. Soon they began to realize that Golder was much happier being in thr company of dwarfs then with his own people!

They decided to embrace their child’s path. And sent him with a traveling band of dwarven merchants his father had known for years, and whom they new would treat the boy as their own. Though it did pain them to let their son walk a road that may be filled with dangers and villainy (plus a lot of alcohol, for gnome), they saw how his face lit up, when they explained that in fact he was adopted by them, and this true parents were indeed dwarfs.

Golder set-out with the merry band of dwarfs as he promised his “adopted” parents that he would always love them, and they would forever have a place in stone heart.


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