Owner of The Thirsty Axe


Brudder has been born and raised in Ecrin. So as far as he’s concerned, he’s in heaven.

The dwarf had learned at an early age that a number of travelers come passing by the town and his father, Clanden was always there to offer his armaments to those who would need them. He passed this tradition to his son. Not only the day to day business of the shop, but also for smiting, mining, and of course drinking! The young dwarf was schooled in creating weapons only for those that could use them as a profession tool of their trade. He instilled in him the thought of hard work, for the axe you make today will save a man’s life tomorrow…though for Brudder, it was a bit different

When he was still a young dwarf, Brudder went out mining with his father. They but barely a mile from the town when they were beset by kobolds! Brudder and his father fought bravely as the rodent scum came at them, wave after wave. However, one the vile creatures spear found Clanden’s heart and he feel to the ground. Brudder, so enraged by the act, decimated the remaining kobolds in a flurry of swings and cuts. They fled to their camp, however Brudder would not let them leave, not this day

He burst though their primitive walls and tore down their makeshift homes, killing both children and adult kobolds all the same. When the dust had settled, the dwarf regained some of his senses, but the damage was done. He wept and howled at both what he had done to these creatures and what they had done to him. He noticed his axe seemed to weep with him, with the blood of his enemies still on it, it pulsed with his rage, and power. Brudder quickly sheathed the weapon, and went to his father’s side

Clanden was dead now, his body lay motionless, only a slight flow of blood from his wound, dripped out, taking the last of his life with it. Brudder fell to his knees
“Why father!” he yelled “Why now, why not me!”

He sobbed and mourned for days, and through the funeral his friends could see both his pain and anguish. However, they could also see the axe that had cut down so many that fateful day, still pulsed with rage and power.

In time, Brudder did heal, and now runs the weapon shop in fine fashion, but he has never forgotten the day his father died, nor has he unleashed his blood-thirsty axe again, unto his enemies.


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